Is there any age limit for entry into the gambling halls ELDORADO BET?

  • Yes, you must be over 18 years to be able to enter the gaming halls ELDORADO BET


Is it allowed access to persons under 18 years accompanied by an adult ?

  • No, according to Bulgarian law does not allow persons under 18 to enter gaming halls or casinos, even with an adult.


Is there a fee for access to game rooms ELDORADO BET?

  • No, admission is completely free .


Do I need to bring personal documents to get into the gambling halls ELDORADO BET?

  • Yes , we need to present a valid ID with picture to verifying your identity .


When you first visit gambling halls ELDORADO BET how to choose the games and gambling opportunities?

  • Whether you are visiting us for the first time or you are our regular customer , you can contact at any time with a question to our friendly staff . For our team will be pleased to help you in choosing the game and will assist you in anything you need during your stay in the gambling halls ELDORADO BET